The Practice Room


Video lessons with singers to help you learn.


Each video's followed by a short quiz.


"Notes only" to help you become independent.

Sight Sing

Real music to help you master your skills.

Hear the answers - Check your work

How can you tell your sight singing is getting better without checking your work?


Practicing Sight Singing without being able to hear the answer is like practicing basketball without a hoop. How will you know if the basketball hit the hoop?

Basketball provides a hoop so you have a visual target to shoot for.

Listen to audio answer files so you can hear how the example was supposed to sound.

Even if you're not 100% right, all that practice and listening will improve your ear over time. After all, the best way to get better at something is to practice.


Work at your own pace

Start wherever you want and work your way through more challenging examples.


Practice Anywhere - Home or School

Feel like assigning some sight singing practice for homework? Wish your students could practice without you?

Are you an individual just looking for a place to practice? Not a teacher? Just a singer?

We have an option for you too!


No problem. Since everything is accessible online, it's available 24/7.

You can start wherever you like and work at your own pace through over 600 examples.

Each answer track has a count off so you'll know exactly when it will start. If the example has harmony, you'll also hear your starting pitches.

For schools, Teacher and students have their own accounts. We'll even remember where you left off.

You can choose from five types of examples, different keys, time signatures and levels of difficulty. Once you've made your choice, matching examples appear on the screen one at a time.

You'll also be shown what is covered in the example you are viewing so you'll know exactly what you're working on.


Add Sight Singing to your daily rehearsal

For schools choral workbooks are included with instructional resources.

The workbooks are available in a PDF format. Copy as many as you want for your students.

The books are designed to be used in the choral classroom. Each example is eight measures long - short enough to get through in just a few minutes. Use them at the beginning of rehearsal right after your warmup.

Download the Level One Book for FREE!

Students can write in the books each day to demontrate their understanding of basic concepts. For example: note names, rhythmic counts, or Sol-feg syllables.

The examples in the books mirror the examples online.


Included in each workbook:

Grading Rubrics Collect the workbooks a few times each quarter and grade your students work. The rubrics are designed to be quick and easy for teachers to grade.

Instructional materials These begin each new level so concepts are clearly explained. These reference pages provide teachers with a reference tool to explain new material.

Choral Glossary This is included in the workbooks and online that covers common musical terms and terms spciific to choral music.


Practice Dictation and learn to write what you hear

All the exercises on the site are now available in Dictation Mode.

In Dictation Mode, you listen to the exercise and write out what you hear using music manuscript paper or your favorite music software program. We also provide a workbook to write in. Once you're done, you can view the answer to see how you did.


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