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What if I don't have paypal? Can I still use a credit card?

Yes! Click "Add to Cart", then "Check out with Paypal". Don't worry! On the next screen is an option to pay as a guest if you don't have paypal. Fill that out and on the next page, you'll be prompted for your credit card information.

Do you accept school purchase orders and checks?

Yes we do! Fill out this form and send it in with your purchase order. Once we receive the PO, we'll email you registration information so you can set up your account. You'll have 30 days to remit payment.

Alternatively, you're welcome to email a scanned purchase order to contact [at] and we'll be able to get registration information out to you even quicker.

How much does The Practice Room cost per student?

We don't charge per student. A school membership gives you the right to add as many students as you want - as long as they are your students. :)

Do the workbooks cost extra?

No. They are included in the membership price.

Can I preview a section of a workbook so I can see what they are like?

We'll do better than that:

Download the entire level one book for free.

Try it out with your students. See what you think!

How long does the membership last?

365 days

What do you cover?

You can read the entire curriculum, but we have exercises in rhythmic reading, sight singing, two part reading, minor keys, interval drills and hymns.

Can I track student progress?

You can view the account history for each student to see which exercises they've viewed and when they practiced.

Can I download the audio files?

No, I'm sorry. The audio files are only available online.

Will this work on my ipad?

Yes, the website is mobile compatible and should work on your mobile device. (Though the music may be pretty small on a phone!)

Can I purchase an individual membership for use with students?

No. An individual membership only authorizes access for the individual who registered for the account. Regardless of which features of the site you choose to use, if you are planning to utilize the materials on The Practice Room with students in any way, you'll need to purchase a school membership.

I have another question that's not listed here. Can I contact you?

Sure! We'd love to hear from you.

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