Maine All State Auditions Requirements

The sight singing samples shall adhere to the following guidelines:

  • All shall be in 4/4 time.
  • All samples shall be rendered in both of the following major keys:
    • Altos and Basses shall sing in Bb major.
    • Sopranos and Tenors shall sing in F major.
  • All shall start and end on either the lower or upper tonic.
  • All shall be 8 measures long in ABAC form.
  • Measures 1 and 2 shall be identical to measures 5 and 6.
  • Measure 4 shall end in a half cadence.
  • Measure 8 shall end in a full cadence.

Only the following melodic motion shall be used:

  • The tonic up or down to the dominant
  • The dominant up or down to the tonic
  • Any third up or down within the key
  • Any whole or half steps up or down within the key

Only the following rhythms shall be used, with the underlined values required in every sample:

  • Whole note
  • Dotted half quarter rest pattern
  • Dotted half quarter note pattern
  • Half note
  • Dotted quarter note eighth note pattern
  • Quarter note
  • Quarter rest
  • Pair of eighth notes
  • With the exception of the dotted-quarter-note-eighth-note combination all eighth notes shall appear in pairs.
  • There shall be no eighth rests, nor shall two eighth notes be split by another value to create syncopation.
  • Any number of running eighth note pairs is allowed.