If you aren’t able to login, you’re most likely seeing this message.

Invalid username and/or password.

That means one of three things is happening:

  • You are entering the wrong email address.
  • You are entering the wrong password.
  • You are entering the wrong email address and the wrong password.

Here are the steps for straightening this out:

  1. Make sure you’re entering an email address for the username. It has to be the email address that was registered with the site.
  2. If you’re sure you’ve got the email address right and still can’t login, try resetting your password.
  3. If you’re a student, check with your teacher to make sure you’ve got the right email and to make sure you’ve been added to the site.  If your teacher can’t resolve it, they can contact me.
  4. If you’re a teacher or an individual user and you’re still having trouble logging in, give me a shout and I’ll look into it.