A Simple and Effective Three Step Method

The Practice Room works because it’s designed around a three step method that improves your sight singing skills.

Build on a solid foundation of rhythmic lessons exercises. Work your way through melody and harmony all the way to real music.

Rhythmic concepts are introduced on their own – without pitch.

If you need to learn about eighth notes, just focus on eighth notes. As you work your way through the different levels, new rhythmic concepts are introduced.

If you need help, you can view the exercise with the rhythmic counts.

Develop your ear with melody.

Once the rhythm concept is cemented, melodic concepts are added.  This way the singer is practicing the same rhythms they just learned, reinforcing them, while adding melody.

After practicing eighth notes without pitch, you’ll practice them in melodies.

Master your skills with harmony.

Once you’ve learned the rhythmic and melodic concepts, the next step is to add harmony. Every level has two part exercises that drill the rhythmic and melodic concepts in harmony.

You'll be sight singing real music in no time.

Once you’ve worked your way through the rhythmic, melodic and harmonic exercises, you’re ready to graduate to real music.  There are dozens of songs from public domain that include hymns, motets, madrigals and Bach Chorales.

You can view the songs with solfege, and you can hear part predominant tracks if you need the reinforcement.

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