The curriculum is broken up into over two dozen courses.  Most courses contains a video lesson followed by twenty exercises to reinforce the lesson. Check your knowledge on the material with a short quiz.

Choral Deep Dives

Learn real choral music with singers using solfege, and learn the historical context of each piece. Each Deep Dive concludes with a performance with a conductor to follow and singers to harmonize with.

Exercise Library

All the exercises in the courses can also be found in the Exercise Library, along with hundreds of other exercises including real music.  You’ll find hymns, motets, madrigals and Bach Chorales.


When you finish the video lesson and exercises, you’ll take a short quiz to test your knowledge.  Get feedback on what you got wrong and take it a second time to improve your score.  Question types includes multiple choice, fill in the blank, listening and drag and drop.

For Teachers

Group Management

Sort students into groups!

Add as many groups and as many students as you want.

Quickly Add Students

You can add students one at a time or in a batch. The site will email them their login information and they’ll be off to the races!

Teacher Gradebook

Each course ends with at least one quiz.  Quiz scores are recorded and made available in the Student Report Card and all students grades can be found in the Gradebook.

Course Report

Do you want to see who’s working on a course?  Take a peek at this report to see who’s started and how far along they are.

Quiz Report

Look in depth at how students performed on a specific quiz.  You can see every attempt they made and how they answered each question.

Recent Activity Report

This report functions like a newsfeed – giving your the most recent activity your students have been working on.

Use the filter to focus on specific groups, courses or students.

Progress Reports

See exactly which lessons, exercises and quizzes your students have marked complete.

Printable PDF Workbooks

Would you prefer that your students have some music in their hand? Download printable PDF workbooks that align with the online curriculum.