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I wish I could spend all my time working on new content—new deep dives, maybe a course on accidentals, new exercises, etc. These things are all on the list, but sometimes instead of doing the fun thing, you need to step back and do the practical thing.

This is the first fall with the new site rebuild. The biggest issue for teachers has been emails and student passwords. And it’s been even harder to troubleshoot if you aren’t in the same room as the kids.

So I knew that despite wanting to put resources to fun things, first I needed to put resources into making this aspect of the site easier for you. Today’s update has three new features:

  1. You can now manually reset student passwords.
  2. You can now remove groups that you are no longer using.
  3. You can now delete students permanently from the site.

There’s a support article here that explains everything. This update also fixes a bug with editing student names and emails. So if you were having an issue with that, give it another shot, it should be working correctly now.

Because you can now set student emails, whitelisting is less of an issue. If you’ve been wishing you could just manage it all yourself, now you can.

With regards to emails—if you found yourself frustrated with the whitelisting, please know I have been too. I spent a lot of time working with my hosting service on this. Just last week they made some behind the scenes changes to how emails are sent that should make things better. The whitelisting instructions did change, but they are simpler now. If you run into trouble, you may need to have your tech folks update their whitelist.

I’m sorry about that – unfortunately it is the nature of things. To make things better, you have to make changes. If you run into issues or have any questions, please reach out.

I hope this makes things a little easier in this crazy year we’re having. Hang there, I do believe there’s a normal on the other side of all this.


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