Every exercise on the site, including many that do not exist inside a course, can be found in the exercise library.

Exercises viewed in the library do not count toward course completion.

If you want them to count toward completion head back to your dashboard and view the exercises from within each course.


Almost every exercise in the library is available in two modes:  Sight Singing and Dictation.  The mode is set to Sight Singing by default.  If you wish to practice dictation, select that mode, and then use the rest of the filter to drill down to specific options.

Filtering Exercises

Use the filter tool on the right to select the criteria.  Results will appear on the left.

If you don’t see any results, it’s because

  • There’s not an exercise that matches the selections you chose. Try filtering fewer things to get better results.
  • You need a subscription to view it.
  • You are not logged in.

Let’s say you want to sight sing at Level Four in the key of F.  Select Melodic Reading under Type, Four under Level and F Major under Key Signature.  Then click the orange “Show me exercises” button.

The result would look like this:

There are 10 results and it’s displaying the first one.  You can use the next button to the next one and once it appears, use the previous button to move back.

You can see what the search is based on at the top and in the filter on the right.

Full Screen

If you’d like to view an exercise full screen—perhaps you’re displaying on a big screen to use in rehearsal—first start the audio track, then click on the gray box with the white arrows in the upper right hand corner of the music.

Search and Reset

You can also search by exercise title.  Be sure to reset the filter before setting new criteria.

Dictation Mode

If you are taking music theory, or just want to take your reading skills to a new level, use the exercise library in Dictation Mode.

Choose Dictation from the Mode options at the top of the filter.  You will be shown the starting pitch, or in some cases, a few pitches.  Play the audio file to hear the exercise and write out what you hear on staff paper.

If you need some staff paper, you can download the free Dictation Workbook and print it out.

Then toggle the image to see the correct answer.  Have fun!