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There is a quiz at the end of each course.

  • All questions must be answered to move forward through the quiz.
  • The questions and answers are displayed randomly.


When a quiz is finished, the student will see their score and how long it took them to complete the quiz.  They can click on the questions button to see which questions they got wrong.

  • Incorrect answers are marked in red.
  • Correct answers are marked in green.

They can retake a quiz one time if they are unhappy with the results.  All quiz results are stored in the Quiz Report for teachers to see. However, only the highest scores are shown in the Gradebook and Student Report Card.

There are six types of quiz questions:

  1. Single Choice
  2. Multiple Choice
  3. Listening
  4. Fill in the Blank
  5. Sorting Choice
  6. Matching

1. Single Choice

There is one correct choice, indicated by round selector buttons.


2. Multiple Choice

There is more than one correct choice.  This quiz type is indicated by square selector buttons, instead of the round ones in the single choice. The student must select all the correct options to get the question right.


3. Listening

The student is asked to listen to an audio file and is then presented with two music images. They must listen to the audio file and select the image that matches it.


4. Fill in the Blank

A sentence with a missing word or words that needs to be completed.


5. Sorting Choice

There are images or words which must be dragged into the correct order.


6. Matching

Options on the right side must be matched with choices on the left side.  Drag the sort elements at the top into the correct spot on the right.