You can add groups from the teacher dashboard, and you need to add at least one group before you can add students.  If you have multiple choirs or classes that you want to add to the site, adding a group for each can be helpful with organization and reports.

Add as many students as you want. There are no limits!

Adding a Group

To add a group, simply click Add a Group, enter a name for the group and click Create Group. Then click the Dashboard button to return to the dashboard and add students or add another group.

Adding Students to Groups

Before you start adding groups and registering students, make sure your students can receive system emails.  Some schools set up blocks to protect students from unwanted emails.  However they need to be able to receive emails for login info and password resets. Ask them whitelist the site and email address:  and wordpress@thepracticeroom.netvia  

There are two ways to add students to a group.

  1. Add one user
  2. Add Multiple users

Learn more about that here.

Selecting a Group

Once you’ve added your groups and students, you can get some info at a quick glance on the Enrolled Users table.

Aside from their name and email address, you can also see their course status.  If they have started working on courses it will show In Progress.  Clicking on the In Progress button will take you to a filtered Course Report for that specific student.

You can also see the student enrollment key, so you can quickly check to see which keys have been used.

By default, this table displays 20 students at one time, but you can change that by clicking on 20 per page at the bottom of the table.

If you have a lot of students (Yay!), you can search for a specific student using the search bar at the top of the table.  As soon as you start typing a name, the list will be filtered.

Removing Students from Groups

You can remove one student or multiple students at one time.

Select the user(s) you want to remove by selecting the tick box on the left of the table.

Once you do that, you’ll Remove User(s) at the top of the table.  A pop up will appear asking if you’re sure.  If you are, click Remove User(s). 

Resetting Passwords

You can also send password resets for students in the same way.  Just select the students whose passwords you want to reset and click on Send Password Reset. A pop up will appear asking if you’re sure.  If you are, click Send Password Reset.

Moving a Student to a Different Group

If a student has registered for the site once, they do not need to do it again.  In fact, the site will not allow the same email address to be added more than once via the student registration form.  So if you need to move someone to a different group, you’ll need manage it yourself. However, it’s super easy.

  1. Select the group you want to the student FROM.
  2. Select the student, then click “Remove User”.
  3. The site will ask you if you’re sure.  If you are click “Remove User” again.
  4. Select the group you want to move the student TO.
  5. Under the users menu, select “add one” and enter the student’s information.

That’s it.  All their history stays with them when they move to a different group.  Nothing is lost.

Removing a Group

At this time, it’s not possible for a teacher to remove a group.  For what it’s worth, an unused group doesn’t hurt anything, it just sits in the dropdown menu.  However, if you want a group removed, first remove all the students from the group, then contact me and I can take care of it for you.

I will not remove any groups that contain students, so please make sure the group is empty before reaching out.

Deleting a Student from The Practice Room Permanently

At this time, teachers cannot delete students permanently from the site.  If you want any students removed completely, send me their name and email and I’ll take care of it.