Courses are made up of three components:

  • Video Lessons
  • Exercises
  • Quizzes

There are five courses you can try without a membership.  Keep in mind that the site cannot store history for this work, if you do not have an account. But if you want to see how courses work, check out:

Video Lessons

Most lessons include one video which walks the student through the objectives and concepts.  However, in some cases there is no video lesson.

For example, in the major keys, each level contains three courses, rhythmic reading, melodic reading and two part reading.  The two part reading courses do not contain a video lesson since they are simply reinforcing the concepts in the rhythmic Reading and melodic Reading Courses for that level, just in two part harmony.

Once a student has watched the video lesson, they move on to exercises.


The exercises help drill the content from the video lessons.  There are twenty exercises for each lesson.  You can select them under the video lesson, or in the sidebar on the right.

Each exercise has the same basic structure:

At the top of the exercise page, you will see the lesson progress.    You can choose any exercise from the sidebar on the right of the exercise.

You can select a starting pitch or tune up, or if you want to practice to a beat, a metronome.

You can view the image with or without:

  • counts for rhythmic exercises.
  • solfege for melodic exercises.

Click on the dots at the bottom of the image to move back and forth between the images, or on the arrows on the right or left.

You can hear the answer underneath the exercise image.

When you are finished, mark the exercise complete.  This tracks progress as you work through a course.  Once it’s marked complete, the next exercise automatically loads.

An exercise will not count toward course completion until it’s marked complete.


At the end of each set of exercises there is a ten question quiz.  This is a comprehension quiz that covers the material covered in the lesson and reinforced through the exercises.

Learn more about how quizzes work.