Help! I can't login!

Follow the directions here.

Why aren't my students receiving emails from the site?

Make sure your students can receive system emails.  Some schools set up blocks to protect students from unwanted emails.  However they need to be able to receive emails for login info and password resets. Ask them whitelist the site and email address:  and wordpress@lms.thepracticeroom.netvia

I found a problem with an exercise/quiz.

I’m sorry you ran into that, that’s a bummer.  Let’s get that fixed!

Report a Quiz Problem.

Report an Exercise Problem

My student says she took a quiz, but it's not showing up for me.

This is probably because she hasn’t logged in.  There are five courses that are free – anyone can go through them – even if they don’t have an account.  Those courses are: Note Names, Music Basics, and all three of the level one courses.

So if they open a course and start working, but haven’t logged in, the site doesn’t know it’s your student.  I have added orange warnings to those lessons and quizzes, so hopefully that reminds them.